Birthday Blues

Friday, January 12, 2018


This is my birthday month, next week is my birthday week. Have you ever reached that point where you don't want to do anything on your birthday? Like it's not a big deal anymore? I have. Sure, who wouldn't want feel special, to feel loved, who doesn't want gifts? For me, I'd be happy and content with just birthday greetings from my family and close friends. To know I'm not forgotten.

I just want to lay down, do nothing, maybe drink wine, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. And yes go to church and give thanks, like I always do every year. I just like a day, a day with no stress, a day of no decision-making, a day of not thinking of household chores. I'm tired of dreaming, I'm tired of saying, "Maybe one day.". I'm tired of picturing a great day. Maybe I should expect less, in life, in general. Maybe I'm just getting old. And when you get old, you want simpler things, peace and quiet and a happy heart. That's all matters anyway.

Happy birthday to me.

Bogue Pier, Emerald Isle


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