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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hey y'all! Survived the first month of daughter's preschool--getting up early, 30 mins drive to her school and back *pats myself in the back*. Now an extra time to share my Sunday Currently, because it's my favorite random thing to post. Here goes:


My Facebook feed. I honestly don't like Facebook anymore, I only keep my account to keep in touch with my family overseas and close friends. Too much drama, senseless posts about murders and tragedy of people and dogs (come on!), FB friends brags about this and that and some people who seriously has every little thing to complain about. Though I like watching videos about the current Philippine politics and the race between Trump and Hillary. Twitter is still my favorite of all.

Daughter watching a 'Wild Kratts' episode on her tablet and the sound of fish tank filtering water.

This post. And a long list of to-dos today. No day off for this momma, lists piles up if I take a break.

The butter syrup I made for french toasts I made for the very first time. Yup fail. But the butter syrup rocks! inspired from the Baker's Kitchen where me and my friend went for a breakfast. That syrup is to die for.

Baker's Kitchen, Hungry Farmer's wife meal
A favorite big shirt my husband sent me when he was in Iraq and blue athletic shorts. This is just too comfy for a Sunday.

about the birthday party my daughter and I went to yesterday. Her first party outside our friends circle, her classmate invited her. It was held on a pottery studio. The kids had fun and surprisingly all well behave. And so thankful that the parents accommodate Emily's dietary needs--her peanut allergy. 

October and the weather! Fall is my favorite season. Leaves are starting to change colors and starting to fall. Can't help but take shoe selfies over fallen leaves. Yeah it's a must.

to catch up with laundry and folding clothes. I have a mountain of clothes to FOLD. I never liked this chores since I was a kid. The only time I got obsessed with it was when my daughter was a newborn, her clothes are all folded and tucked away very nicely and organized, fresh from the dryer. Yeah, 5 years later.. hmm.

SLEEP! See, I'm not a morning person. But daughter's school starts at 8:30, so with that school being 30 mins drive away, I have to be up 6:30 the latest to give myself some time to really wake up, make breakfast and get ready. No make up, no time for that, just my lavender lip balm and glasses! I stay close within the town where her school is at. As it's just a waste of gas to go home and back at school again. Her preschool is just 3 hours anyway, that gives me time to thrift hunt, go to library and my morning walk at the park.

determined that I could cross off all things in my to-do-list for the day. Feeling excited too for next week's consignment at a church where I usually consign kid's clothes and home goods. Tagging items is on my list today. Feeling happy too as I found out my friend and sister are both pregnant. God's timing really is great. Hope by God's will, my turn to will be soon as well. Can't wait!

Just a happy week ahead, and yours too!

Spread kindness, pass it on,,


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