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Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Finally have that extra time to update my blog, so yeah, HI Y'ALL!!!! I gave up waiting for my toddler to go nap so I went ahead and got my laptop and thought use the extra time to catch up with blogosphere. It's 6:07pm, an hour before I start cramming on what to cook for dinner. Preparing dinner (way) ahead of time is something I haven't mastered just yet, so there. But not to brag, I cook very good half the time--ask my picky eaters :) So June is almost over, where time went?? Before we know it, we'd be singing Christmas songs again!

So this is my first "The Sunday Currently" post, inspired by a blogger-turned-TV-star Maine Mendoza. This would be an easier blog post to catch up with you all and also an easy way to get my feet errr hands back again on writing. 


discussion posts from "No Nuts Mom Group Support and Forum" Facebook group where I'm a member. This group has helped me big time with understanding and addressing my child's multiple food allergies, with peanut and shellfish being top culprits. Read a post about a mom with newly-diagnosed-child asking resources on where to start, and someone has recommended Food Allergies books--which I end up buying off eBay. Can't believe there's a LOT of things I still don't know about food allergies and anaphylaxis. So I decided to be more proactive, especially with my child about to go to preschool this Fall.

A/C busting off the vent and aquarium tank filtering water. No music, as I'm still hoping my kid would nap..

filling up my Passion Planner, (yes I have planner, the best one out there!) getting myself in a habit of updating it and sticking to daily plans. Brain gets foggy sometimes and always forget things, that's what planners are for.

lemon essential oil diffusing..

Jcrew shirt and my favorite blue athletic shorts.

....of when will I, together with husband and child to be able to visit my parents and family in Philippines. My parents haven't meet my daughter yet, and she'll be turning 5 this year. The last time I saw my family was 2009. I miss my friends too. I've been longing and praying for this to happen. It's been a long time :(

all Disney photo pass pictures. We went to Magic Kingdom for one day two weeks ago, and just finally paid to get the photopass the other day. Love them all. Very pleased, magic indeed! Best $59 spent!
Disney Princess - Cinderella
Meeting Cinderella for the first time

to tend to my garden and fix up the yard. I love gardening, it's very therapeutic for me. I would trade shopping with gardening in a heartbeat! I just can't find the time to them. I still have a long list of chores to cross off before I can even get to go outside. Also it's so challenging to do that while watching your child. It's like have a set of eyes behind your head. We have a big front yard and a long driveway, but we live next to a big ditch that connects to a river and we're surrounded by tall trees and woods in the back. Snakes, foxes, deers are not new..

some time for myself or need for someone to cook for me, you know have a break? (if there's such a thing)

Excited to watch Finding Dory this Tuesday! 13 years later, can you believe it's here??!

for a more productive week---meaning getting things done. I'm starting to get my time balanced between work, my daughter's activities, chores and social media. Hoping to continue that. *pats myself in the back*

So that's it. Time's up. Time to think of dinner..

Have a blessed week to all!

Love. love. love


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