No to resolutions, but goals

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello there!

So I'm back from a long hiatus from blogging. First of all Happy New Year! What a great 2015 it has been huh? Lots of ups and downs but sure does taught me a lot about myself and made me figured out what I want to do this year. I have been doing resolutions year after year, but like what most of you do, it gets forgotten by February. Long gone the motivation and drive. Resolutions are like promises, they are meant to be broken. BUT, I'll be making 2016 an exception. No resolutions, but goals.

My 2016 goals:

1. De-clutter every month. Have some system on organizing and keeping everything where they should be.   I can organize stuff, de-clutter home even every week, but the real struggle is to keep them like that. I envy moms who can keep up with all the things all the time, someone who can locate where things are at a snap--where's your husband's old working clothes? the screwdriver? your child's medical records? my own college diploma? the pink paper pins? the recipe your mother-in-law gave you? the cellphone bill from last June? I mean come on! Can you really keep up with all these??? If you do, I want to be you!! Feel free to leave your organization Pinterest boards links on the comments below. So this year, I will try my best to be an the "organized mom".

2.  Learn a new hobby. I'm thinking photography and knitting. I love taking pictures of food, landscape and of my daughter and her outfits. I have a good cellphone camera (I think), but let's take it up a notch. I want to learn how to do professional photography. Learn how those DLSR camera buttons work. So I can do top-notch photos of my daughter, and save me some money from going to have her pictures taken at a studio. Knitting. I have friends who are so into this. I don't know why I didn't bothered my mom to teach me how to do this when I was younger. I have friends who are knitting blankets, beanies and kid's clothes within one week's time. And they are Etsy good!

3. Save money. I'm a frugal person. I know how to stretch a dollar. But store sales are my weakness! I tend to get impulsive and buy unnecessary things because they were cheap! This is how I end up with a garage full of things ( lost track of what they were) that I probably don't need. So save money, for my daughter's school. I just started the 52 week money challenge I found off Pinterest, a weekly savings I can surely keep up. See I'm off to a good start.

4. Update this blog. Meet new online friends! I lost touch with my fellow blogger friends when I became a mom. You know how can motherhood gets so busy. Love to meet new friends on here, mom bloggers especially. I miss those Wordless Wednesdays, Linkys, forums and weekly chats. So follow me and I'll follow back! Tell me about your awesome mom bloggers group!

and lastly.. everyone's resolution of all....

Lose weight. Healthy living. Movie nights and popcorns sounds really great, but it's time to get my act together. I'm not getting any younger, grey hair is starting to pop in and my cholesterol levels is probably still on borderline. I don't want to be on maintenance medicines. I hate taking medicines period. So cheers to a healthy 2016, let this be the year of salads and kales!

You know changes doesn't happen overnight. First, it takes a desire to change, followed by inspiration and drive it with motivation! If I can only pin this post, so it's the first thing I see when I visit my site I will. Let me leave you with an inspiration.

from Pinterest

Get your goals people! Have a happy 2016!


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