KeySmart Review

Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you have the same problem as me, losing keys? Most of you probably has a chunky stack of keys that gets tangled up in their purses. I'm like that ALL the time! I sometimes changes purses and then forget those keys. Well I have good news for you! Happy to share that I happened to have tried this Keysmart and this answered my keys organization dilemma. This is a key organizer that the idea is similar to a swiss knife, only difference is it has keys in it! How neat is that?!

The assembly believe me is easy peasy. I'm not a technical person, and definitely NOT good in disassembling and assembling things (those are my husband's jobs). All you need is a screwdriver and the keys you want to put in your KeySmart, yes that's all. Check out the video below for instructions:

So these are my usual keys and more..

And this is the KeySmart kit, notice how slim it is next to a quarter. You would need the expansion pack if you have a lot of keys to use.

And after a few minutes of organizing, voila! Don't they look all beautifully organized together? I'm going to need another one, for the husband!

Smart eh?

Another thing I like about KeySmart is its array of accessories, customize your KeySmart from lanyards to USB, pocket clips, bottle opener and replacement plates, screws and expansion packs.

So glad to came across this genius product, get this KeySmart for only $19.98, check their website for further promos and discounts!

Disclaimer: I received this product in complimentary in exchange of my honest review. 


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