Cloud storage? think twice

Monday, September 1, 2014

I love taking pictures with my smartphone. Like any other moms, it's all mostly filled with our baby's pictures and their milestone videos.

Just yesterday, I was just contemplating on getting a bigger iCloud storage or a Dropbox subscription.  My 16GB iPhone is just NOT enough for my picture taking habit. I switched to 5s late last year, and within 6 months, guess what it's full! Glad I hold on to that thought.

Why? Overnight, there was a report of nude and revealing photos of famous celebrities hacked from their iClouds. Any skilled hacker can sneak there way in into someone else's life whenever they wish, these suckers are everywhere! But what made this more disgusting is people reposting these pictures over and over on twitter, Instagram and tumblr. Oh I know, it was in my twitter feed. I had to unfollow a couple of people for doing it. It's an invasion and violation of anyone's privacy to have their personal pictures be distributed without that person's permission. And I think is considered an assault for reproduction and distribution of them.

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Now the question is, how safe is an iCloud or any other online storage program out here? I highly favor iCloud being safe before this incident. Nothing is safe now PERIOD. Nothing is safe especially if you don't have any control over it. It is a convenience, yes, but look at this mess. I am no celebrity so that makes me a less of a target, but how about our kids? This makes me re-think my whole social media existence. I just got back from blogging, now what?

For now, I'm turning my iCloud backup off, and probably clean my account. Going old school, I have 1TB external hard drive and be happy with it.

Have a safe online life y'all!

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