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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ok, Im back for good.

It's been YEARS since my last post, and since then, a lot had happened, good and bad. Motherhood has kept me busy for sure, plus the ups and downs of getting our house done-yes, we just moved back to our home last Thanksgiving! and my love and hate relationship with selling stuff on eBay. Now that I'm back to blogosphere, I just realized I'm way behind with blog formatting, editing, and all that goodness to make your page look purty! I don't even know if blogspot is still a thing, or did my blog friends has switched to another or better platform, or is anyone still reads a blog? since you can do almost anything now at Facebook!

The reason/s I have decided to resurrect this blog is that I have TIME now, a little 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there could get my piece of my thoughts be eternalized. Also I have a lot of interesting things had happened, and probably one day I could put it all in here. For now, welcome back to me!

Later amigos!

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