Where all my Tuesdays went?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I promised to post something on Tuesdays, but what happened? I can't even remember when was the last time a post came up on a Tuesday. Anyway, I honestly been busy with lots of stuff. Being pregnant alone has consumed most of my time. My first trimester experience overall not favorable to me. I'm always glued to my bed from exhaustion and bad mood, I remember just forcing myself to get up to get something to eat. TV has been my friend all those months! lol By 2nd trimester, I have recouped my energy, and even felt I wasn't pregnant at all. And 3rd trimester? my energy level is on and off. There are times that I'm on the mood to clean up the house, time check on my virtual social life, and cook dinner for my husband. But now that I'm on my last two weeks of pregnancy, the most that I can do is empty the bathroom trash bin, wash some clothes, and nesting episodes here and there.

I never been on blogger for a while, so where did my Tuesdays or days went?

hmm, let's start with a problem..

a.) HOUSE CHAOS. when my husband and I decided to make some renovations to the house, we are blindsided by multiple house repairs as we strip one floor to another wall to another. The original plan is replace the windows, strengthen the house's floor joists, sand the hardwood floor, re-do the bathroom, add a master bedroom and a two-door garage. We started off with the garage, which is now 95% done, and then Dave went on the check the flooring, he discovered that we have a termite infestation. Yeah, of all problems! so he stripped off one floor leaf to another, and discovered that infestation has gone up to the walls and sidings. We were devastated. I have never seen my husband that sad and affected. So with that, we had to put our master bedroom plan in a shelf for a couple of years or so.
Our barenaked bedroom
I'm sad about it, but there's nothing we can do but deal with it right? And so to save big amount of money from hiring a contractor, we decided that he would just do it with a couple of his jack-of-all-trades friends. I'm so glad I married a man who knew how to fix almost everything but my cranky head..lol To work on the house, he can only work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that takes off our Tuesday movie date right off the bat. It's ok, compromising is for the better.
our closet, gone!
So most Tuesdays, I watched him working his butt off just to get things done. We temporarily moved in to his mother's house until everything is fixed, which as I'm typing this is before Christmas time. 

b.) DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS. Dave and I agreed to schedule all my appointments if possible on Tuesdays or early mornings of Thursdays or Fridays, so he could go with me. I have tagged him along since day 1 anyway. I really want him to be on the loop of what's going on with the pregnancy and I want him to hear what the doc will say word by word on every appointment. I have this problem of relaying information to people, I'm just not good on telling stories verbatim, my memory sucks. It's good that he's with me on every appointment, I sometimes most of the time forget what the doctor had said two weeks ago.

Non-stress test
c.) WORK - EBAY & ODESK. When we discovered about the house' termite infestation, eBay took a halt. I became busy with packing our stuff up. But I'm back to business now, and my part-time moneymaker Odesk, it's an online hourly/project based jobs that you could take on as long as you have the skills to do it. Snag a job even if you only knew a little administrative skills, and computer knowledge. My eBay sales has been slow lately, but I get to sell few stuff which helps with my baby stuff shopping.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

d.) COUPONING, to the highest level! I think I somewhat mastered the language of couponing! Though I stopped from buying stuff since last month, that didn't stopped me from getting good deals on online shopping. I'm proud to say that I have a good year stockpile of dishwashing items, washing powder/liquids, toothpastes, bodywash (for me and hubby) and toothbrushes, deodorants and shaving razors & creams. Thanks to my husband who gets me a couple of Sunday newspapers every week, and local blogs for free weekly deal scenarios!

just half of the stash

no more stinky pits! :)

e.) NESTING & SHOPPING. Need I say more? If I used to shop nonstop for myself, now it's different, it's all baby stuff. And there's always something to buy out there. I may ran out of baby shopping funds, but my shopping list keeps on growing and growing everyday!

f.) ETC., in short DISTRACTIONS! If you haven't heard of Sims Social game on Facebook, you are so outdated! The Sims is one of my favorite game of all time, I have Sims 1-3, complete with expansion packs, not to mention...lol But I stopped as I really can't do anything productive at all with that game. And now with a free version (somewhat different) via FB, I'm back to the grind baby! So who's with me?

now on Facebook!
So, I guess y'all would forgive me for not updating? I think I made enough justifications.. lol

Kidding, I'm still here folks!


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