Football Sunday

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My husband literally spends all day on Sunday watching football. He used to be a big Raiders fan until he realized they were no good, and since has become a Colts fan. He has always enjoyed watching football, but it was not until he joined four fantasy football leagues that he decided that he would commit the entire day on Sunday to watching it. After he joined the leagues, he went to to add the NFL Sunday ticket to the package we already had. He has big plans to have a bunch of his buddies over to watch a lot of the games. I told him that was fine with me as long as I can go shopping during the games. He agreed, so I have no problem with him taking over the TV on those days, especially if I don’t have to cook food or help entertain his friends. The only football games I ever watch are during the Super Bowl and when my alma mater UGA is playing. Other than those games, I have no interest in spending Sundays on the couch watching football with my husband.


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