38 weeks and waiting..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

opening gifts @ baby shower
38 weeks...

I know that the "D-day" is just around the corner and could be anytime now, but it seems like I haven't crossed out a bunch of baby stuff off of my to-buy-lists yet. I have a few things that I needed to get and others can wait until we found out about baby's gender. Having baby's gender "a surprise" sure is driving me crazy. A lot of baby sales have passed and I missed a few great sales online--one thing I never let slipped my hands! I still need baby bedding, baby's bath items and a couple of sleepers and footsies, toys, and baby books. And the rest of color blues or pinks can follow. I'm so glad that baby was showered with gifts on my baby shower a month ago, we were gifted with things our little prince/princess really needs. Baby's nursery room is not up yet, well not for a while, as we are still in the middle of renovation. But not to worry, mommy got everything all squared away, all I need to do is wait until the house is done and we could all move back in.

This waiting game seems like it's forever, I can't wait to see my little munchkin and hold him/her in my arms. Waiting for 9 months to be over is really a long time!



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