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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just thought about my sister who works in Singapore as a registered nurse, she just celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago, and I felt bad that I didn't even gave her something. With her hectic work schedule, it makes her time for house chores and other things very limited at times. There's nothing I can think of giving her but something nursing or medical related. Until I stumbled upon this website

I remembered she once told me that they have green scrubs as their hospital uniforms. Thought this would be a great idea to send her different shades of green scrubs for her work use. I found some online scrubs are dull in color and just have the same cut and everything seems to be in blue color, but this one I found is a catch. Most hospital scrubs are one sized, not figure flattering and they look uncomfortable to wear. I knew she would love the one I picked for her. The site has mens medical scrubs for men as well, too bad I don't know anyone male friend who's into medical field. Well, I guess my sister's going to get more!
my sister with her co-workers @ SGH

Goodbye to boring traditional hospital scrubs!


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