Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Monday, August 1, 2011

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on my 27 weeks. I did a glucose screening test on my 25 week, where I failed by the way. And with the 3-hour glucose tolerance test, I was pretty confident I will pass it, but was shocked to see my sky-rocketing results. I initially thought it's ok, brushing the idea off, thought all I have to do is change my diet. But noooooooo! My OB prescribed me to get a blood glucose monitor and have my blood sugar checked 4 times a day! --as soon as I get up and after every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). I have to prick my finger 4x a day!! I hate needles, and I hate to see blood coming out of my body, be a cut, wound or even a bruise. But this is part of the package that I have to deal with, being pregnant. On the brighter side, I will surely be watching what I eat, making it healthy for me and the baby.

my blood sugar kit

For the first two weeks, I followed the diet sheet my OB gave me, like say for breakfast, I have to eat 2 kinds of carbs and 1 protein, and so on. Needless to say, I was experimenting on food, I eat what food gives me a lower b/s result. I was blind guessing. Thus explains my sugar spikes at least once or twice a day. And add a lack of discipline on my part. I didn't like an overnight change, before I'm enjoying food that I love, splurge on my cravings, and one day I have to give them all up. 

On my 29th week appointment, my OB checked on my progress. She was not happy with my blood sugar elevations, and she told me she would put me on medicine if don't follow a strict diet. So gave me sample recipes for snacks and meals, things that worked for her, since she had gestational diabetes on her two pregnancies. She gave me one week to really eat what I should be eating religiously and go back see her again. I don't want any medicine, so that was a wake up call for me.

I also vented about my GD, frustrated about an elevated result on my first day of strict diet, via Facebook. And one of my friends replied and offered to give me tips. She called me and found out that she was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She gave me tips and recipes as to what to eat. She motivated and inspired me to go and do what I should do. She told me my motivation should be that I'm doing this so my gestational diabetes wouldn't go permanent or getting diabetes later in life and (2) for a healthy baby. Thanks Lynne!

So far, these are the foods that gives me low blood sugar results:

Breakfast - 3-4 strips of pork bacon or low sodium turkey bacon
                   1-2 scrambled eggs (I sometimes put cheese for variety)
                   1 glass of whole milk (I sometimes put a sugar-free Hershey chocolate syrup, for different 

Lunch -      Anything fried/grilled/baked meat - porkchop, chicken, beef (if frying, take the fats off)
                   1 cup of fresh or frozen vegetables (especially brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans)
                   1/2 cup of basmati rice (I'm a rice person, but I limit my rice intake to once or twice a week  
                        only, and basmati rice is the only one that worked for me)

Dinner -     Same thing as lunch, but smaller serving. More veggies the better.
                   Spaghetti, (use low carb pasta, and limit spaghetti noodles to one serving only)
Snacks-      peanuts (unsalted or low sodium)
                   cheddar cheese cubes
                   sugar-free jello, mixed with cottage cheese and mandarin oranges-in water syrup (limit fruits 
                        though.. this recipe is a kicker!)
                   corn chips, with melted cheese as dipping sauce (limit serving though)
                   fruits! (apples is the only one that worked for me)
                   low carb tortilla, with cheese or meat
                   ICE CREAM!! yes we can have it!, try Blue Bunny-no sugar added-Splenda.. I love Bunny
                        Tracks and Banana Split

I have more recipes to share, to post later. Just remember eat quality food, junk foods are a no-nos. Try  to eat smaller but frequent meals. Never skip a meal, never eat late and wait until you're hungry to eat, it makes your blood sugar elevate more. Don't get frustrated, just remember you would only do these temporarily, as gestational diabetes is a pregnancy-related condition. Try to plan your meals ahead of time, so you won't be spending  time thinking what to eat or cook.

And most of all, do this for yourself and for your baby. Cheers!




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