My trip to urgent care @ 24 weeks

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st pic- enjoying the best choco milkshake ever!
(This is a late post as I'm already 26 weeks today 06/16/11.)

So I had an urgent care run @ 24 weeks. 

I was out and about on a hot Saturday with my mother-in-law, I thought it would be fine for me to go out despite the unfriendly weather, since we can make the car as cold as ice if we wanted to. So we went to Home Depot and grabbed some few things, after that I ordered some chinese food for me to eat when I get home, and got us Bojangles biscuits to get us by. On our way, mom thought we'd go to flea market which is just along the main street, 2 miles away from where I live. And since I need some few things, I said yeah, why not. 

Halfway through shopping, I felt the need to go to the bathroom (the feeling of it's urgent, I need to go now) so I was on my way to get her to tell her we need to go, I suddenly felt dizzy, and everything around me is getting black. I felt heavier like I'm going to fall off my knees. MIL grabbed me and we went on to get a chair. Yeah, I almost passed out. I was having cold sweats, was breathing heavily, and felt so weak. I panicked that there could be something wrong with the baby, I started crying.

I never fainted pre or while pregnant, so it alarmed me so much. So MIL decided we'd go to nearest urgent care and have me checked out. She called my husband, who's at work, to meet us at the hospital. When we got to the hospital, I thought I was feeling better, but not! I walked 10 steps going for the door, when I almost  fall off. My knees were so weak, I have no strength to walk at all. MIL got me a wheelchair, and Dave wheeled me inside. 

Long story short, laying at a hospital bed with my husband sitting next to me, doc and nurse came in to check me out, did my vitals, took EKG, took blood and urine sample and the dreadful IV insertion on my arm! I hate IV, this is what I'm most scared about with this whole pregnancy, that I'll be hooked up with it. The nurse did a great job though. I told Dave, this is like a dry run for the big day, the good side (somehow) of this emergency is I get to experience the preparation what's like on baby's birthday. I never been hospitalized so I don't know how it's going to be. The doc came back and said he won't do a fetal monitoring as advised by my OB doc since I don't experience any cramping. Later he came with an ultrasound machine. Yep, saw baby again! And felt relieved and he/she is very fine, and doc even said he/she's like boxing inside my tummy. 

So, diagnosis? I was dehydrated! Apparently the amount of water I'm taking wasn't enough for my body, and the being outside under a hot weather just made it worse. Also I realized the flea market that we went to, wasn't that ventilated as there are some parts of the store that's hot.

I was advised to drink a gallon a day, sounds a lot but yeah. My OB doc said there's no such thing as enough water, as the baby needs it as well. I forgot the main rule, I eat/drink for two now.


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