Breaking Dawn dawns on 11.18.11

Monday, June 6, 2011

Twilighters alert!

Our yearly dose of Bella-Edward-Jacob saga is coming soon, officially on theaters at November 18, 2011! The official full trailer for the part 1 of Breaking Dawn was released yesterday. I can't be more excited with this 4th Twilight movie, the most awaited Bella-Edward wedding + honeymoon is in this installment.

5 more months to wait people! But then I may not be able to watch the movie until first week of December, right after Thanksgiving. I don't want to fight with the crowd with a 3-month old baby (by then) and a husband-who-hates-waiting-in-line. Or better yet, wait until the movie's DVD copy's out? whatever, I'll work something out, I can't miss this movie, not in a lifetime!


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