25 weeks - Glucose screening test & Ultrasound

Friday, June 17, 2011

25 weeks

I just had my glucose screen test and ultrasound last Tuesday (06/14/11). I got my ultrasound first. It's been a month since that last time we saw our baby, husband and I are excited to see her/him again. And good news, from baby's growth percentile from last week of April's ultrasound of 36%, is now 54%!! She/he now weighs exactly 2 pounds, which is great doc said. That means the baby is right on track, growth size. Relieved that baby don't have intrauterine growth restriction condition, being one of the side effects of me having a placenta previa. Talk about that, the placenta hasn't move upward yet, it's in the same place as before, hmm.
Our little munchkin - 25 weeks
We are so glad that we had the chance to see baby in 3D as well. My husband was asking the ultrasound technician if it's worth getting the 3D done, since our baby moves, turns and wiggles a LOT, especially when she/he knew she's/he's being watched (we have a camera-shy baby!). And she said it really depends on what time of day when baby's not that active. And with that, she showed us how 3D should look like, oh I so love her! And the profile above is the best shot she can give me, baby's covering her/his face with her/his hand and legs. Isn't our little munchkin so precious?? Oh I love you baby. Baby got my nose and forehead, and got daddy's lips, and feet!

Glucose screening test. I drank this sweet 50g orange liquid, almost tastes like soda, but more syrupy. It tasted like Royal tru-orange soda pop back in Philippines, but this one is more concentrated, hence, the after-taste stays longer on your tongue minutes after drinking it. It not that bad actually. After that, I waited for an hour for blood drawing.

After an hour, the lab lady prick my finger to get blood sample to test my sugar and iron. Iron is great BUT my sugar is 153, way over than 134 normal maximum level. Yep, I failed. I was too confident that I would pass this one, oh I feel so bummed failing on this one. So with is, I'm going back for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test next week. Fasting, what fun, not!

It was a great day!


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