Using my sister's green spring cleaning tips

Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest post written by Sharon Whitley

My sister is like the stylish leader of the green movement in our family. She was the first one to start carrying reusable grocery bags and all kinds of other green things along the way. So I've basically taken all of my green cues from her over the years. Now she's started her spring cleaning in green ways and I can't wait to get all those tips from her so I can start doing the same too.

I tried to find some tips on my own for green spring cleaning and while I was doing that, I found the website and looked through it some. After that, I decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans that I found on there.

I'm pretty excited about these green spring cleaning tips that I found on my own and also from my sister. I used ripping up my husband's old paint-covered shirt for cleaning rags as an excuse to get it away from him and keep him from wearing it. I'm also going to use vinegar for most of the cleaning purposes around the house.


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