More seeds and a bigger garden...

Friday, May 27, 2011

....this time.

Husband and I really planned on having a  bigger garden this year, more veggies and flowers! We're so excited that we already had planned things out as early as last winter. So we hoard on a lot of seeds come March, and started my indoor garden. Last March's weather was so unpredictable, calendar said it's already springtime yet it felt like winter extended its stay. So we hold off half of the seeds variety late March. We have green bell pepper, okra, cucumber, peas, beans, corn, tomatoes and herbs to name a few. 

Dave plowed me a 20 x 10 plot at the backyard, enough (I thought) to accommodate boxes of seeds that webought, which later I would realize I need double of that. The plot is not even 5% of the farm space that we own, a space that sat for 2 years. He said I could plant as many as I wanted to. Of course the idea of having a huge garden is enticing, I love to, but being pregnant I thought I would pass on that. I was 13-14 weeks pregnant when he plowed the space, and having a sensitive pregnancy, gardening IS on of the worst idea to do. So I thought I'd give it a shot, and just not overwork myself tending to it.

..which I'm glad I did, I found gardening to be relaxing. It consumes a lot of my time in a day. I try not to go out by the back porch, because if I do, I'd see my garden and forget the time. I spent 2-3 hours a day just sitting there, trimming, weeding and planting more. Armed with my shovel and a cushioned stool, I am warped away from my own world unto my garden beds.


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