Food that takes me back to childhood

Monday, May 30, 2011

Talking about food that takes me back to my childhood? I have a long list! So I would just name 2 that I can quickly recall. Top of the lists, "Goto",  in english-->rice porridge or congee dish in Philippines. When I was a little, me, my parent, and my little sister Cathy (we were the only children back then), we would always go to this breakfast joint after a Sunday morning mass. And the joint's main specialty is this rice porridge with beef tripe (goto), boiled egg, topped with crushed pork cracklings, green onion and toasted garlic, and a squeezed "kalamansi", it's like a little lime. I can't say more, I'm making myself crave for one! One bowl is enough to make you full. Sad to say, the breakfast joint had closed after years of being in business, and was replaced my Dunkin Donuts. Not really bothered by that, because this dish is available in any nook and cranny of any town, malls, restaurants you name it! I'd say this is my ultimate comfort food, just too good!

Second would be ours very own, street food, "ice scramble". I have no idea where this originated, who discovered it or where Filipinos adopted this cold sweet treat. When I was little, this is only available through street vendors who walk around the subdivision to sell this pink concoction. Basically it is made with crushed ice with pink food coloring, artificial banana flavor, evaporated milk and sugar. Usually, the vendor would put a tablespoon of powdered milk in the middle and a chocolate syrup on top, yumm-oo!! isn't it??

This post makes me miss home.


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