Survival and self-reliance

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I just thought about my grandpa today, I miss him terribly, he joined our Lord 4 months ago. Him passing was hard to take though we knew that he was really going to that direction, he's been bedridden for months. And a year prior to that, his memory were slowly getting off. So my mom, and the rest of her siblings made some preparations to be ready for his time. My aunt took over of taking care of him, my mom bought senior burial insurance, and the rest chipped in on some expenses for his medications and daily expenses. Though some of the expenses are not that much, burial insurance rates are on the other hand are steep. They were outrageously high compare to getting insurance rates for middle age adults. I'm not surprised if they are, insurance companies I assume think that there's not much profit on giving insurance for seniors as some of them and all of them for sure leaving the earth sooner or if not, in just a few years. So it's really advisable for anyone, especially our ages to get insured and get things ready for that time, so family members wouldn't be crunching up to take care of those, and also for a peace of mind. Who wouldn't want the idea that everything is taken cared of already in case we pass tomorrow? With grandpa's case, he never worked for anybody, thus explains the lack of any pension or even medical insurance, he worked on his own farm to support his family, and never been sick.

Survival & self-reliance is a big role anyone should take. Be aware on what to do on any life's changing situations. It gives you the preparation on how to address a problem or unwanted scenario in the future, without as much as possible relying on someone else's. Survival and self-sufficiency is not a big step to take, small things amounts to big ones if you decide to take it a day at a time. There are self-help online articles that we can refer to for our needs, and is/are available to anyone. It's time to get our future planned by starting today!


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