A month update

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've been gone for a month (virtually), AGAIN! I just lost interest with anything online-related. I totally abandoned my online life- twitter, blogger, facebook sometimes, eBay, online shopping etc. They say on your first trimester and sometimes extends to 2nd tri, you tend to dislike things you used to love, food-wise or anything. I'm not making excuses, but that's true.

  1. I love shopping, going out with mom-in-law or with hubby, but I'd rather stay home and rest or nap. 
  2. I used to frequent websites, and could stay online the whole day and just surf, and now it's gone. I just check emails and Facebook feeds. And the least I can do on blogger, is comment on my favorite blogs and call it a day.
  3. I love cooking, that's where my heart is and always has been, but that declined on my 2nd-3rd month. I'm getting better now, I can't still cook often, but once in a while I can stand my kitchen and the food smell. I was very happy one time that I was able to cook breakfast for my husband.
  4. I totally lost interest listing new items or update my inventory in my eBay store. A pathetic 21 items left, way less than an average of 150 listings before. I know this is something I shouldn't ignore because it hurts our earnings. But what can I do? I'm so unmotivated to do anything?
Blaming it on the hormones, fatigue and loss of appetite is always there. But the good new is, my energy is coming back slowly, and as mentioned, I can cook simple meals now. And one day, I was able to catch up with my chores, the house neat and clean, except for my office--which needs a lot of TLC. My pregnancy my friends said is sensitive compare to theirs. I know one or two who never had morning sickness at all, nothing changed but the size of their tummy, how lucky are they huh?! But even if mine is completely different from theirs, I embrace my pregnancy with every bit of it. Happy for my frequent trips to bathroom to pee or throw up, happy that I know my baby is growing and saying in his/her own way, "hello, mommy".

So an UPDATE of what happened for a month I'm gone:
  1. I'm 14weeks6days today. Baby is the size of a lemon. yay!! My baby bump is noticeable already. Once in a while I think I feel baby's movement, I get this little wave and some kind of strong heartbeat, seems like a little kick. It's not consistent yet, but I feel it most when I'm relaxed. 
  2. Been gone to OB appointment and heard baby's heartbeat for the first time, beating 150bpm!
  3. I started my little garden of herbs and flowers indoor a week ago, getting those seeds grow until they're ready to be transplanted outside. The weather is not springy yet, when they supposed to. Temperatures is playing around 40-60s still, and with that I doubt if baby plants can strive outside.
  4. Hubby and I bought 4 kinds of tomato plants--big boy hybrid, better boy, cherry (sweet) and romas. We thought to stock up this year because we only harvested 3 good piece of tomato last year.
  5. Hubby purchased a 2nd hand 1999 Mercedez Benz SLK Kompressor black car. He can't pass on this one since he got it on a very good deal. He's been enjoying his toy for 3 weeks now. He love that car that it gets a carwash and interior is maintained clean and dust-free..lol
  6. My niece Ysabella, was baptized and welcomed to Christian world last Sunday. And yours truly is one of her godmothers. And I'm honored to be one. I wish I was there to witness the event, she's so precious and growing prettier and bubblier everyday.
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I promise, more updates coming up! 


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