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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm hooked the first time I laid my eyes on TLC's Extreme Couponing show. I use coupons with my groceries once in a while, but never really exerted any effort into it, which explains why I only get few 0.25-.0.50 cents off an item. I didn't know you could get an item or items for free, or even get paid just to try a product! Boy, I have missed a lot and worse, I've been throwing money away for years! Where was I when people started saving money???

So, being a baby in this game is no joke. I thought it was just easy as clipping coupons from Sunday's newspapers and done, nooooo! If you want to get more out of your buck, you have to do some research, and spend a lot of time online to  find out what's up for sale on your favorite store, what promos do they have, and see what coupons you can matched up on those items. It's time-consuming, but it has been fun so far for me. The thought that you would get an item for WAY less than its price is joy for me!

With the EC show, it features people who are into coupons, sharing their lives what it was it like before and after couponing. And now my favorite part is where they also show their stockpile of goodies, from paper towel, to deodorant, to diapers down to dental floss, stack and stack, boxes and boxes of those. I tell myself, I gotta have one of those too, and dreaming to have one. How would you feel when you don't have to shell out a lot of money just to buy an item? And wouldn't it feel nice to not worry that you may not have enough money to buy this and that, or money to take your wife/husband out for a movie or dinner?? And the best part is not worrying about--"I'll ran out of toilet paper next week, gotta buy one tomorrow", when you can just get one on your stockpile! ahhh, I can't get enough of it. Well this is a good sign, that means I'm in it! Will post some good deals on our future hauls..


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