Baby's Ultrasound at 17 weeks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

..It was a magical feeling, overwhelming, unreal, I was in awe...I'm seeing my baby for the very first time! 

Today is the day, a big day for me and Dave. That day really made everything official. Before I have this room for --what-if-I-miscarry?, what-if-something-happens?, what-if-this-pregnancy-will-break-my-heart-again? I really was not trusting or holding on anything, I pray everyday that the baby stays. And today, all those questions were washed off by him/her. Did I mentioned that we decided not to found out the gender? yea, Team Green we are! Anyway, the ultrasound tech who accommodated us was very chatty yet friendly, I never really paid attention to her talking, I was just amazed with what I'm seeing. The baby's moving, perfect, looking healthy. And beside me I see my husband in all wide grin, he looked like he was blushing, very happy man.
Our little munchkin
She showed us baby's brain, kidneys, limbs, fingers, nose, lips, spine, and that little heart beating 168bpm. She said I need to go back for repeat scan since she had a hard time examining baby's spine and arteries in his/her heart. And she said baby was uncooperative, he/she turned around on the middle of the scan. Good thing she was able to save the above pic and another one. She only gave us 3 pictures, and the rest are for my OB doc to see.

Talking to my doc, she said baby's measuring 17w4d and weighs 7oz. about a size of a steak she joked. All major organs are healthy, but I really do need another ultrasound so the tech can really look closely on baby's spine and heart. I knew something's coming, I was just waiting for it. And then she said, baby has SUA-single umbilical cord. Meaning baby only has one artery and one vein umbilical cord instead of a normal set of two arteries and one vein. Having said that, the baby may suffer from intrauterine growth, heart or kidney complications or other minor fetal abnormalities. And the odds are about 22%, according to the study. Now that freaked Dave out, BIG time, I was just calm and collected. She explained everything that may or may not happen, the baby might have low birth weight or I could have pre-term labor, or baby can be just normal as everyone's. So with that, she referred me for a repeat ultrasound to examine the cord, arteries and the bloodflow, just to be safe and sure that everything is doing fine. She said with baby's length and weight, we're on 38% percentile of majority of pregnancy, so we are on right track.

The hospital she referred will schedule me within two weeks from now. I'm sure going to get a call if not this Thursday, because of the Easter weekend, it could be Monday. I hope and pray the baby's fine and that I'll have a full-term healthy pregnancy.

Until then, we'll let you know, please include us in your prayers.


  1. sounds like your baby is very active kahit nasa tummy pa lang siya :D

  2. Prayed for you and your baby. God bless you. =)

  3. another soon to be mom here! just got my ultrasound results as well. don't worry too much sis, everything's going to be fine. i'll include you in my prayers. =)

  4. God bless you and your baby sis. ;)


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