Pregnancy rant

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let me use this space to vent. I love being pregnant, I'm 13 weeks today. Yep, a graduate of first trimester!! Things have been hard for me, pregnancy-wise. I have a long list of things I hate and don't want to eat, sadly, those are used to be my favorites. I love cooking, but still hates to be in the kitchen--but I'm progressing, there are few nights that I was able to pull off a decent dinner for me and my husband. There's constant gagging and worse, throwing up--yeah, the wonders of morning afternoon evening sickness!! Sometimes I just don't want to eat at all, scared that I would just feel sick after a few bites. I end up being frustrated and always wish my mom's here. She'd take care of me I know, oh and her cooking! I wish Philippines is just bus ride away, but not in this world. My husband has been so supportive from day 1, he would always bring me home some fruits--which he calls some "bonus" for me. Last night, he got me a rocky road ice cream, two watermelons, and an Aveeno bodywash. I feel so babied. I love being pregnant, but I hope the morning sickness, fatigue and food aversion will go away soon. I miss eating. I miss food.

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