Valentines is overrated but...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines everyone! I don't think I could pass this day without updating my blog. It's been what? 2 weeks since my last post? Yeah, my apology for being gone that long. My pregnancy took over me. There was no day that I didn't feel sick great except today, so I'm taking advantage of it! So when are you guys going for dinner? or anything special planned for today? I never really celebrate Valentines at all, I sometimes think it's overrated, a day meant for Hallmark, flower shops and chocolate stores to be happy. But on the good side, this day reminds everyone to be thankful of the people they love and love them. A national day to appreciate the people you love (aside from Christmas, of course). Since Valentines is so well-marketed occasion, why not join the wheel? right? Jewelry commercials tops the list. There's no night that me and Dave never missed seeing one on tv. Of course I would give him a hint every time. He knew I'm just kidding, and he'd just brush it off quickly. lol (who knows he might buy one?) Anyway, Valentines for me is something you can celebrate everyday, it's not about buying your partner an expensive gift or token, it's about saying I love you in different ways. Yeah, sounds mushy but that's the best inexpensive, thoughtless thing you can give your love.

Last night, I got my dozen roses from hubby when he got from work! Not only that, he got us a bucket of cooked chicken for dinner! Funny thing, it made me happier to see the chicken than the flowers. I love flowers any day of the year. But anything take-out food is always a great idea since I don't enjoy cooking or being in a kitchen at all. Blame it on the pregnancy. I still can cook, don't get me wrong. But the smell of the food makes me dizzy, and by the time  the food is done, I'm done with it too.

Anyway, Happy Valentines! and don't let this day pass and not say "I love you" to the people you love!


  1. LOL! I would feel the same way about the bucket of chicken versus the flowers :) Happy pregnancy to you sis :)

  2. I agree that love should be expressed every day. But flowers (and chicken!) are nice sometimes, too!


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