Wordless Wednesday: Positive Home Pregnancy Tests

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For this Wednesday, I would like to share my positive home pregnancy tests. As you all know, husband and I are expecting our first bundle of joy. We can't be more excited, every time I would think that a little baby will be coming out in this world soon and will be calling me "Mommy".  I'm so grateful that we were blessed with this miracle. And I'm honored that husband and I are going to be parents.

As soon as we started trying to conceive, I have equipped myself with home pregnancy tests. I was so eager to find out if I got pregnant or not. Most of the time, I just think I will get pregnant or I am pregnant. I'm very optimistic with this past months we were trying. Too much hope and expectation sure could break someone's heart, and I had some share of that.

With this January cycle, I thought my chance was gone when it hits 12dpo (days past ovulation) when I still got a negative on my pee test. I told myself, hmm, there's another tomorrow, I'm going to test again. To my surprise, a very faint line showed up the next day, and faint line but darker than the previous one on day 14, and a darker line on day 15.

Of course peeing-on-the-sticks didn't end on day 15. I went crazy and bought more, and tested again. I only stopped on my birthday, when I got a test line darker than the control line. I think it's God saying, 'Ok, you had enough, how many positive tests do you need, so you'd believe me?'..lol

That's all folks. I'm happy and over the moon!


  1. Congratulation to your pregnancy!
    I am expecting that too, and at first I thought I will get one this month, but i'm not that lucky yet. Please pray for me so I can have one as a birtday gift for me next month.

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