Wordless Wednesday: Eyeballing your way home

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I thought I'd join bloggers who do Wordless Wednesdays. Nothing beats the joy of seeing different pictures that makes you say, "awwww", "so cute!", or an "Oh-my-god!" So, how wordless it should be? Anyway here are the pictures I took two days ago, this is on our way home from the grocery store. This winter storm gave North Carolina a good amount of snow, in my place, 5 inches! It's really bad that you can't see where exactly the road is and where's the ditch's at. So yeah, were eyeballing our way home! lol

so... if there's snow, there's four-wheeling!

Husband and I took advantage of our snow-filled field. I love 4-wheelin'!


  1. Love that you are able to go four wheeling! IN NY, everything seems to come to a halt when it snows.

    Btw, welcome to Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, aka WW :)

    Feel free to pass by and link up on my post: http://latinaonamission.com/2011/01/wordless-wednesday-jennifer-hudson-live/

  2. Yup, I'm lucky with just having 5 inches, I heard some parts of NY gets double or more!

    Thanks Ms. Latina, I just linked up on your WW.

  3. way more snow than we get in my neck of the woods!

    Happy WW. Thanks for linking up

  4. wow sis, looks so cold up there. And looks dangerous to travel too. Pero at least you get to enjoy the snow.

  5. Hi evan! thanks for your comment on my blog. unfortunately, CJ passed away this morning :'( I have a post about in case you'd wanna check it out :(

  6. Still the snow the covered the entire place. In my employer's hometown, Missouri, it's also covered with snow and the kid's class is suspended. I'm hoping the weather will improve.


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