Women and Cars

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I don’t know how good my IQ is on cars. But I’m sure I would fall flat on a test if I were to take one. I’m so not giving justice being married to a car guy. I would say my knowledge has improved as dear husband introduced me to the world of cars and the physics of fixing broken ones. Back when I was still learning how to drive, the only thing I knew was check the engine light and make sure the brakes work. My dad taught me a lot, but my brain only remembers few. As long as I can drive myself to point A to point B and back, I thought that's all matters. Thought I don’t have to remember everything, after all, what’s the use of the auto shop next block right? or our neighbor who owns a Vulcanizing shop, or my guy friends who have cars? the San Diego auto repair? the Tirerack sitting on the highway? That's me just goofin' off before. Now, I have to know the ins and outs. Living in a country where you can only count on yourself, besides your partner, I have to. I know I can get away with it, but do I have cash to burn everytime? No.

I highly admire women who have wider car knowledge than me, and my respect goes out to women who are mechanics, car engineers, and car racers. They are totally wired differently from a being women who loves shopping and make-ups. I have so far replaced a flat tire, replaced headlights, check oil gauges, put air on tires, all for my car. It could be just nothing but I feel proud about those. One time I decided to go with husband at work, just curious how they fix vehicles. He showed me how to diagnose and repair an engine of Ford f-150. He explained everything clearly but he said so much unfamiliar words that I had a hard time comprehending.  Jargons! He told me to hand him this and that tool, I had no idea what was he talking about. Frustrated, I left the auto shop and went to his office, and googled basic mechanic tools. There were so much that I need days to familiarize everything. I'm not generalizing, but some women are only meant to drive cars, not fix them. That's what the guys are for!


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