Winter Landscaping Tip

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter is here, but that doesn't mean that you can neglect your landscaping. Don't let the winter blues get to you - it is just as important to take care of your home in the winter months as it is in the spring and summer. With a few quick and easy tips, you can transform your cold abode into a winter wonderland of do it yourself projects. Preparing for the spring and summer is always a great way to take your mind off of the icy roads, post-Christmas blahs, and dark days. Spend snowy nights melting away your boredom with this quick and easy do it yourself landscaping project that will definitely make your place the number one destination for summer!

Why let Hugh Hefner be the only one with a grotto? With a few homemade fake rocks, you can create your own poolside getaway to enjoy when the chilly temperatures disappear. Foam rocks can be purchased at various housing or home repair stores, but you can make these faux boulders yourself. While you're snowed in, you can use a few simple household tools and soon enough envision yourself enjoying a drink with an umbrella by the pool.

First, start by breaking several large pieces of Styrofoam. It doesn't matter about the shape;real rocks come in all different kinds of odd shapes. You can even stack them to make them bigger or smaller. Next, cover them with self-adhesive plastic. This will make them smoother and also provide a little bit more durability to the Styrofoam. Next, mix grout and evenly paint over your rocks. Make sure that you get grout in all of the holes or cracks of the rock, and that the surface is completely even. This will make them more solid and give them a more realistic look. Finally, you can paint them - either typical rock and mineral colors or something a little bit more pop art and wild. It's your own backyard getaway - do whatever you want!

In the summer, all you will have to do is find the perfect location to stack and secure them! You'll already have the rocks made, so you'll definitely be able to get in a lot more time doing the important summer activities - grilling out and enjoying the sunshine!

You can also use your homemade faux rocks in your garden or flower beds to add a little extra for the other 'bunnies' in your life.

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