Thank you 2010, Hello 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

As we bid 2010 goodbye, let's never forget the blessings it brought to our lives, the joy, happiness and laughter. We all had a fair share of ups and downs, stress and anxiety, and I am thankful for those. Thankful for the problems and disappointments that humbled me. Thankful for people who loved me and annoyed me. Thankful for new friends and old. With 2010, I am very thankful for:
  • I was able to visit my family in Philippines. A short vacation which I needed the most that time. 
  • My husband's job. He was recognized for doing an excellent job as a supervisor, and later promoted as Manager. The job he enjoys.
  • Good health, loving family, awesome friends!
As for 2011? I think resolutions are overrated, but ok, let's give it a try. Everyone have the same list every year anyway. See if you have the same as mine:
  • get fit (get back to 115), eat better (less meat, more veggies), exercise more (put my elliptical to use)
  • keep my office clean (keep the junk out), organize paperwork, donate or trash excess stuff every month 
  • get my husband to quit smoking
  • be more positive about everything
  • do more, expect less
  • keep the guest room ready-for-anytime-guest clean (as I always stash my trash on that room)
  • read more, I have list of recommended books.
  • learn something new ( I don't know yet)
  • make new friends, get in touch with old
  • less online shopping (I'm not sure but I can try)
  • sell more on eBay
  • not buy anything unless needed
  • keep track of budget and financial goals
  • get my driver's license *important*
Plans and wishes:
  • 2011 baby
  • See my friends in Las Vegas, California and Arizona.
  • Spend Christmas and New Year in Philippines
  • set up a bigger veggie garden by spring


  1. Great lists! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  2. ehehe! less online shopping? The sellers wouldn't be too happy to know that they're about to lose a good client :) hope your wishes come true this 2011.

  3. good luck to you and your husband for 2011!

    Happy New Year

  4. Hope you get to achieve your plans and wishes for this year. :)

  5. I like your blog evan! Happy New year!

    Shina from :D

  6. Hello! Thanks for the visit. Visiting you back to drop some love. Great list for 2011. Good luck! :D


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