Planning my spring garden

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was going through old pictures on my laptop when I saw my garden pictures. I started growing vegetable garden two years ago. It's a little 4 variety veggie garden. Newbie as I was, I didn't know that there are different types of cucumbers, and the one I planted was a pickling kind. Yeah, I just pulled those seeds-in-a-pack at Lowe's and planted them! lol I lack researching. So last year, I got the right one. I planted them late though, in the middle of summer. That time, I had not only vegetables, I grew roses and assorted flowers too and put up an indoor planters for herbs. The garden of okras, tomatoes, cucumbers was a success, except for my zuchinis -- it just didn't produce not a single piece. We sure had an ample supply of free vegetable everyday! It was a lot that I have to freeze some of them, so it won't go bad.

So this year, Dave and I are planning on making it bigger this time. We have a big field at the back of our house, and I could use a decent portion for my garden. I thought of using different planters for my veggies and flowers. So I can easily locate which vegetable is which and I can easily water them. Planters is the way to go, not only adds style and organization with your plants, it's reusable too. Once the frost hits, we could use the same planters again for the next year. And let's say a big storm comes, I could (with the help of my husband) secure my plants by moving the planters off to our little shed. With a variety of planters from your local store or online, you could easily choose which kinds fits you best, price wise and style wise. With that I haven't decided which to get, but it's going to be an easy choice. But I'm sure I'm going to need a planter boxes for my bedroom windows, or all windows of our house?? would that be an overkill? I can't wait for the spring to come and get that done and get my garden ready.


  1. Dream rin namin ni bf to have a house with a yard big enough for a vegetable garden. Kasi mahilig siya sa gulay :D And my mom would love that too. Naku sis, I don't know if I have a green thumb but you sure do.

  2. hi, i have an award for you, please accept it.
    thank you!

  3. i have always wanted to have a garden from vegetable and fruits... when you can already harvest your own food on your own garden.. it always give a rewarding feeling


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