I'm a PREGNANT Birthday girl!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yes, I just got the most wonderful gift on my birthday, and the best wedding anniversary for me and husband too for this month, God answered our prayers!... yes, I'M PREGNANT!

I found out about this wonderful news at 13dpo (January 10th), but I didn't believed my eyes seeing a very faint line on my pregnancy test. I tested again the next day, and sure is the line went a little darker, yet still faint. I told Dave about it, and he himself saw that 2nd line, that should say something huh?. On January 12th, I tested again. The line was darker enough for anyone to see that there is two lines. The next day, 13th, the day that were leaving for Florida, I POAS again, using First Response brand this time, and there it was, two pink lines! I am overjoyed, but we don't want to keep our hopes up (again) until we see my OB-GYN and get the news confirmed next week.

But you know what? this time, it really feels different. I really feel pregnant. I'm having symptoms that a pregnant woman normally experience-- sore bo*bs, increased appetite (I eat like a pig!), heartburn, fatigue, cramping (everyday for me, is that normal?) and there were two instances that I was nauseous.

So, I'm sorry that we chose not to break the news right away, we really wanted to wait until next week, but I don't see that happening--I myself can't hold it that long! I'm the happiest birthday girl! We'll update again as soon as I get back to North Carolina!

Love my little pregnancy ticker! 


  1. WOW!!! CONGRATS!! So exciting!!

  2. wee! congrats sis! It's the best experience every woman could have! good luck on your pregnancy!

  3. wow! congrats sis! :)

    visiting from GT. followed your blog too! ;)


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