All set for our Florida vacation

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Husband and I are both excited for our upcoming Florida trip. My father-in-law will be adopting us for seven days next week. We initially thought we'd just drive down there like we did on our past trips, but we realized that it would be cheaper for us to fly than endure a 12-hour drive (and another 12-hour going back). Thanks to FIL's generosity, he paid for our tickets! yay!

I never been this excited going back to Florida. It seems like this would be our first real vacation since we got married, or so at least a real week away from stress. We are not planning to splurge or blow off our savings account when we get there as money's a little tight lately. Dave said him and Dad (as I call my father-in-law) have planned our itinerary already, which worked great because that lifted the task for me to do some research on what-to-dos in Orlando. He said we're going to do Old Town at Kissimmee, for their Saturday Night Cruise, which they show off vintage cars from 1974 and up; Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament-something Dave and I really been wanting to go to for a while; Seaworld-this will be our 3rd time, which I will never get tired off; meet Dave's friend, Danny and his family; visit sister-in-law and family at Tampa; hopefully see my friends Debbie and Rhia; and the most I'm happy about is--Bubba Gump--my favorite restaurant of all, on my birthday!! This Orlando branch is the nearest location next to NC. So I told Dave, by hook or by crook, we are going to eat here! haha


  1. Wow I am sure you would enjoy your florida vacation thanks for leaving a comment in my little home blog

  2. Thanks for dropping by my bloghome sis. enjoy your FL vacation. write more about it! =)

  3. That sounds fun! Have a good trip!


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