A round of prenatal vitamins

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For women trying to conceive, we need the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins to ensure a healthy body for a pregnancy. And once pregnant, we need a higher dosage as Iron, Folic Acid, Protein and Calcium, etc. And since we don't meet these required nutrients with our daily diet, we then sort to supplements. There is no such thing as the best prenatal supplement out there, since every woman has different needs, or for some, conditions to address.

I had the "trying-to-conceive mind" way long before my husband agreed and told me he's ready. So when I had my pap smear test last May, I have asked my doc if she can recommend me a prenatal, (just in case my husband and I decided we're ready the next day or week or month, I have it handy..lol) so she prescribed me Prenexa. What makes it different from others is that it has plant-based DHA, that's responsible for softening your stool-she said. I like it, but not the price. I have to pay an extra $35 on top my insurance coverage. Pricey for a 30 piece softgel capsules! Despite the price, I took it for four months, until I switched to Geritol Complete + folic acid this cycle. I have read various testimonies about this multivitamin supplement, that it aided some women with fertility issues and that it helped them to get pregnant. If a lot of women have used this and it got them a BFP, then it won't hurt to try right? This miracle multivitamins doesn't have enough Folic Acid though, so ladies suggested you need to buy a 400mg one (and so I did). 

I know I shouldn't switch to anything until I see my OB, but after a pregnancy fluke last month, I'm up for anything right now. I will see her this January 4th for a check-up. Until then, maybe I can get this one slide. I'll be O-ing around the end of the month, it would have been nice if I could see her before that, but January 4th is the soonest available she have on her schedule,, so oh well..

Noting from my favorite pregnancy book:
You should not take a prenatal vitamin or any other supplement without talking with your doctor....Take prenatal vitamins only as directed. Large doses of anything--even a good thing--can be harmful. Don't take more than the RDA for any vitamin or mineral--most of all vitamins A and D--without getting your doctor's OK..
My only concern with Geritol is that it has 120% of vitamin A (6,100 I.U.), when my book says my prenatal multivitamin should contain no more than 5,000 IUs of it. hmm, what do you think?

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  1. I've heard great things about Geritol! I'm anxious to follow along. I hope you get your BFP very soon!


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