My white Christmas came a day late

Monday, December 27, 2010

Since I migrated here, I always been dreaming of a white Christmas. I had my first snow experience last February, and boy I was so thrilled! That winter gave us a decent 9 inches, way enough to build a 6 feet tall snowman. The last time Eastern NC got a white Christmas was way back in 1989. According to Dec. 23rd news forecast there was a chance of us getting a second one, but it changed its course and with at the last few hours on the 24th, it stayed a little longer in the Midwest, thus coming here on the 26th.

Now my wish of a white Christmas came true this year, a day late though but thankful of the beauty it brought. Too bad, despite the winter storm warning, it didn't budge Dave's workplace to cancel work or even at least issue a 2-hour delay. So I just spent a lovely 29-degree cold Sunday by myself with my two fur balls (Harley & Missy).

Our front yard when snow started to pour in..

After 3 hours, everything became white, ohh love it!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know...
Another view from our dining window...

This winter storm gave us a 3 inches. Just right. I feel bad about the some states at the east coast though, they got as high as 32 inches, crippling transportation statewide, cancelled flights, stranding passengers on buses, subways and even private vehicles traveling. Some towns even got a horrible blizzard. This snowfall is setting records throughout the USA. Ours came early than it is expected to be. We'll surely get another round who knows when.


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