Grandpa is gone...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is the day I disliked most and wished it never came.

I'll be staying home today. Dave has to go to Charlotte. His best friend will be buying this mustang sports car. They're going to drive, pick it up and back. We got up at about 4:15, he was getting ready and I was making coffee. I checked my laptop, as I always do as soon as I get up, to check any important messages, email and fb updates. 

My sister Irene from Singapore left me an IM, something she doesn't normally do this early. Nervous, I knew something bad happened... and the message reads, "Lolo" (grandpa) is dead, around 4pm, (5pm Philippine time).

I was in shock, I ran to my husband, hugged him and told him he's gone. I was in denial. Went back to my computer and chat with my sister. Then I saw my mom got online, my brother in Japan was online as well. Talked to mom and she said-- he was discovered lifeless by my aunt who's about the feed him some snack at around 5pm. He was still ok that morning, had breakfast and was just fine. And this afternoon he passed.

It just sunk in, he's gone, and I started to cry. My heart is breaking. He is the only grandfather I grew up with, and is one of my favorite person. I will never see him again. Ever.

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