Roof roof!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Replacing our roof has always been on the list of our future projects. Our house was built back in 1946, and the roof has never been replaced since then. Our roof is older than us, 60+ years old! We thought we'd wait until we get enough money to fund the project. Since we moved in last 2007, we had a couple of shingles that came off caused by storm and strong winds, but we we're able to put it all back in and some were replaced. We were planning on making this project happen next summer, but after being hit by a massive storm last September 30th, it left us no choice but to get it done NOW! It rained for 4 days straight, and it stashed away a big chunk of shingles on top of the kitchen area and few pieces everywhere. Not only that, the water seeped through the roof down to our ceiling, yup, part of our living room and our kitchen were leaking.

Good thing of having a homeowner's insurance, the roof is insured. We got a check from our local insurance company two weeks after the roof and ceiling damage was inspected and appraised. Dave and I were excited about the good news, we're getting a new roof for free!

After a thorough research of what's the best brand, type and kind of shingles out there, and with some of our friends' recommendations, we narrow down our choices between Owens Corning and GAF brand, either brand we're definitely getting 30 year dimensional kind. We wound up getting the Owens Corning since it's on top of the list of Consumer Reports as per price and durability on shingles roofing.


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