Cruisin' along Hardeeville, SC

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dave and I have planned this trip supposedly yesterday, but due to my sister-in-law Ash's job call, she postponed it for today. We're going to meet her halfway between here and Florida to give her the 80cc 4-wheeler she bought from Dave's friend. This is the little white 4-wheeler our nieces have enjoyed riding when they were here last Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law thought of getting it for the girls as their Christmas present.

I love travelling. Just going to different places amps me up. But with long trips like this, the only worst part is getting up early. I just hate it when you're not fully awake yet and you have to drag yourself and leave in rush. So we got up @ 4:30, got dressed, got all the stuff together, got loads of coffee, left Harley & Missy a bowl-full of food and off we went. 6 hours of driving went by so fast. I felt guilty of taking some catnaps along the way, but I just can't help it. Poor husband of mine has to drive going there and back. I would love take my share, but not in this big truck and definitely NOT on an interstate (yet). Besides he won't let me anyway.

Approaching Hardeeville, we have to make a stop at exit 8th when the GPS has said we have to take it. It sounded wrong when we knew we have to keep going straight I-95. So he called Ash but can't get hold of her. So we waited for a few minutes, she called back. She They (she brought dad-in-law with her--for a surprise) just passed exit 4. So we decided to meet them at the 6th. It was nice to see them again, especially my father-in-law, whom we haven't seen for more than a year. Dave transferred the four-wheeler on the back of her Toyota 4Runner, which just fits perfectly. Before long, we are heading for a restaurant hunt.

First choice--Cracker Barrel, which is 15 miles away(so, NO), stopped at Shoneys--they're closed. So we head on along Whyte Hardee Blvd, away from the main food and service area, and found Cripple Crab, a small country southern seafood cafe/restaurant. The atmosphere is not so great, they have a confusing small spaced dining area/s, they have a non-smoking on the left, tables on the middle, and smoking area on the right--which seems like it was a recent added space for the restaurant. But I should say the food was great! It was freshly cooked and served. I can only speak for the shrimp basket on the menu though, since that's what we all ordered, and all agreed that it was delicious. Price wise, I think it's a little too much, $8.99 for an 8-piece shrimp with fries and coleslaw? But if you're paying for good fresh food, then it's not that bad.

After lunch, Ash and I decided to go to this Thrift Shop that caught our eyes before we found Cripple Crab. It's on the same block, sitting next to the Knights Inn. I'm glad I didn't hear any dispute from my husband. I could spend a good 3 hours in a store without getting bored, but not him. I guess all men

I'm glad we went, I saw some treasures!

And took some home with

I got some clothes to re-sell, a couple of books--one would be Barefoot Contessa's cookbook and a yoga/pilates book (which I might use in the near future) and a few kitchen knick-knacks.

After a quick store run, said our goodbyes to my in-laws, and head back to I-95 and head home..

BUT NOT FOR LONG! we decided to stopped at Santee's Outlet store, to check out some goodies. I remember this place being busy around this time. It has been two years since we visited the outlet and a lot has changed. There's only like 5 or 6 stores left on the whole complex. It's sad, but happy to know that my favorite Bass store is still up. This is where I found size 5s shoes that was on sale, $5 a pair back then.

There's not much good selection of shoes on the racks so I only end up with one pair. Some boots are on sale, but none got my eye.

We got home not too late. Tired but it has been a great day!


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