The Roof Project: done

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our roof project has started a few days ago, spearheaded by who else, my husband! He decided he'd do the labor with his guys--the guys whom he work with at the shop. At first, I really don't like the idea of him installing the roof, it's not that I doubt him if he can pull it off or not, I know he can, and he can fix anything broken, like literally ANYTHING. But the thing is, he and the guys are carguys, and not roofers! They live and breathe cars.. lol I'm just worried of any accidents that might happen while they're working on it. Anyway, after doing some math, husband was right, we could save a lot if he'll work on it himself rather than getting a professional roofer to do the job. Ok, he won.

Day 1
I should say this guys are all awesome. I was impressed for there was a lot of things done on the very first day! I'm glad the weather cooperated, about 60s. Dave planned on getting everything done within two days, but the project demanded more than that. Some of the guys were only able to help for two days, since it was all their days off. Some of them came back on the 3rd day, since it was a holiday. And finally got all the shingles installed on the 4th day with Randy's help.

And here's our new roof. Looks so clean, I love it! The roof's color is a little lighter than what is shown online but nevertheless still a beauty!

see Missy? she's playing

This is the most time-consuming and expensive home project we ever encountered, thanks to the guys it made it all easier. To Eric, Dewey, Jake, Jeremy, Matt and Mood, and Randy too: I can't thank you enough for helping my husband. So long until the next home project!

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