Birthday Blues

Friday, January 12, 2018


This is my birthday month, next week is my birthday week. Have you ever reached that point where you don't want to do anything on your birthday? Like it's not a big deal anymore? I have. Sure, who wouldn't want feel special, to feel loved, who doesn't want gifts? For me, I'd be happy and content with just birthday greetings from my family and close friends. To know I'm not forgotten.

I just want to lay down, do nothing, maybe drink wine, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. And yes go to church and give thanks, like I always do every year. I just like a day, a day with no stress, a day of no decision-making, a day of not thinking of household chores. I'm tired of dreaming, I'm tired of saying, "Maybe one day.". I'm tired of picturing a great day. Maybe I should expect less, in life, in general. Maybe I'm just getting old. And when you get old, you want simpler things, peace and quiet and a happy heart. That's all matters anyway.

Happy birthday to me.

Bogue Pier, Emerald Isle

Chick-Fil-A DIY Upcycle Challenge

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My family and I are big fans of Chick-Fil-A and proud to be a member for this year's Chick-fil-A mom panel group. This February, we have this challenge to upcycle their tortilla soup containers, I can't be anymore excited to share what we did with ours. Ideas are endless! Have you tried Chick-fil-A's tortilla soup yet? oh love it! For sometime, I've been re-using take-along containers from restaurants to start with. The chinese clear containers and Chick-fil-A's bowls are far my favorites. Their lids close very tight that it avoids spillage and keeps food fresh for a longer time, and most of all they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

For this DIY challenge, I decided to use it as succulents planter. The small size is perfect to hold a few variety in it and it just fits perfectly on my kitchen window sill. 

You just need:
  • Clean soup bowl container
  • Succulents
  • Succulent potting mix 
  • Nail & hammer
  • Paint spray (optional)
  • Paint spray the container and lid. Let it dry.
  • Use a nail to make holes on bottom of container for drainage.
  • Transfer succulents.
  • Add potting mix if needed.
  • Put the lid on the bottom of container as saucer.
  • Display on an area with indirect sunlight.

There are many ways you can use the soup bowl containers.

  1. One would be to re-use it as a salad bowl for lunches.
  2. Re-use it as a toy container. The lid closes perfectly tight, so no worries on spills, and to word it right, toddler-proof. I used it for storing Legos and puzzles for my daughter. Perfect to get the boredom away especially of long road trips.
  3. Re-use as charger and cords storage. 
Hope I inspired you on how to re-purpose and upcycle those Chick-fil-A tortilla soups. Don't toss them away after your meal, consider reusing them. Happy upcycling!

Money Saving Apps on Holidays

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's that time of year again, where stores lures you with deals that you can't resist. A time where Santa a.k.a. parents are on the hunt for those items from their kids' wish lists and a time to cross off some items off your personal list as well. For me personally, I don't want savings to end with just a store sale, I use coupons and cashback rewards apps as well if I can. It's like you're getting paid for shopping! If you're planning for some holiday shopping, download these free apps and save some more.

Big Lots ad via Retale app

1.    Retale  

       You don't want to go to the store without an idea what's on sale or what the store deals are for the week. Or else you'd end up a cart full of items you don't actually need, impulse buying is a no no. With this app, you can browse store's weekly ads and catalogs, and clip coupons you want to use! All you need to do is enter your location (zip code), and it automatically pulls up ads from retailers nearby. Say goodbye to paper flyers! 

App features:
  • View weekly ads and catalogs from nearby or any location. Some products are clickable, thus you can find more information about the item, and reviews if any.
  • Save your favorite ads by clicking star, to view later or easy access.
  • Clip coupons readily available to use on stores or online.
  • Shopping list - you can search for specific deals, just type in for example "T.V" and it pulls up ad that has deals on TVs. Love this feature!
So I discovered this app thru Twitter (awesome things you stumble on Twitter), checked it out, flipped through ads and found a deal with Turkey for Thanksgiving for $0.39/lb. on Food Lion. So I made a planned grocery trip and saved a lot. Christmas stuff? I've been browsing through the Big Lots ad, oh boy you can't have enough Christmas decorations. I want them all!
Turkey for $0.39/lb at Food Lion
Get to know more about Retale App.

2.    Amazon

       Aside from the convenience of shopping on your mobile, this app can you save a lot of money if you're in a store that allows Price Matching. Scan a product's barcode and it will check how much it cost in Amazon. If the price is cheaper you can price-match at the cashier by showing the app showing the actual price of an item. But take note that stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy has different price matching policy, better check them out first. I have tried Target numerous times with their more accommodating and friendly staff (wink). Please be aware that some of these stores don't honor price-matching on Black Friday though.

3.    Ebates

       If you'll be shopping online, might as well get cashback with your purchases. Sign up for an account, you may use my Affiliate link: here and get a free $10 gift card or a cash bonus on your account. With over 2,000 stores they are partnered with, find your favorite store by typing the name of the store in their Ebates search box, and see how much cash back they are offering. For this Thanksgiving week, Kohl's is offering 8% cashback (that is huge!). Ebates send out their cash back payments via check or PayPal account every three months, with a minimum cash balance of $5.01.

4.    Cartwheel by Target

       Stack the savings at Target! You can use this app on top of a Target store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon. The app has a lot of offers (coupon % off item) you can choose from, from apparel to pet food to even Target Cafe items. All you have to do is add the offers you need, or if you don't want to go through the whole list, the app has barcode scanner which you can use to scan the product before you put them in your shopping cart and see there is offer for it. If not, it would suggest a related item that has deals. Upon checking out, once the cashier is done scanning all your items, show your Cartwheel barcode so cashier can scan it and additional savings will be applied.

      In addition to Cartwheel offers, Target has added "Perks" on Cartwheel. You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, even on items with no Cartwheel savings. Just scan your Cartwheel barcode upon checkout. As for my first reward, I chose a free Starbucks drink. Savings adds up since you shop for weekly groceries anyway.

Have a great time shopping! Let me know how much you saved. 

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own and are based on my own experience.

Sunday Currently | 02

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hey y'all! Survived the first month of daughter's preschool--getting up early, 30 mins drive to her school and back *pats myself in the back*. Now an extra time to share my Sunday Currently, because it's my favorite random thing to post. Here goes:


My Facebook feed. I honestly don't like Facebook anymore, I only keep my account to keep in touch with my family overseas and close friends. Too much drama, senseless posts about murders and tragedy of people and dogs (come on!), FB friends brags about this and that and some people who seriously has every little thing to complain about. Though I like watching videos about the current Philippine politics and the race between Trump and Hillary. Twitter is still my favorite of all.

Daughter watching a 'Wild Kratts' episode on her tablet and the sound of fish tank filtering water.

This post. And a long list of to-dos today. No day off for this momma, lists piles up if I take a break.

The butter syrup I made for french toasts I made for the very first time. Yup fail. But the butter syrup rocks! inspired from the Baker's Kitchen where me and my friend went for a breakfast. That syrup is to die for.

Baker's Kitchen, Hungry Farmer's wife meal
A favorite big shirt my husband sent me when he was in Iraq and blue athletic shorts. This is just too comfy for a Sunday.

about the birthday party my daughter and I went to yesterday. Her first party outside our friends circle, her classmate invited her. It was held on a pottery studio. The kids had fun and surprisingly all well behave. And so thankful that the parents accommodate Emily's dietary needs--her peanut allergy. 

October and the weather! Fall is my favorite season. Leaves are starting to change colors and starting to fall. Can't help but take shoe selfies over fallen leaves. Yeah it's a must.

to catch up with laundry and folding clothes. I have a mountain of clothes to FOLD. I never liked this chores since I was a kid. The only time I got obsessed with it was when my daughter was a newborn, her clothes are all folded and tucked away very nicely and organized, fresh from the dryer. Yeah, 5 years later.. hmm.

SLEEP! See, I'm not a morning person. But daughter's school starts at 8:30, so with that school being 30 mins drive away, I have to be up 6:30 the latest to give myself some time to really wake up, make breakfast and get ready. No make up, no time for that, just my lavender lip balm and glasses! I stay close within the town where her school is at. As it's just a waste of gas to go home and back at school again. Her preschool is just 3 hours anyway, that gives me time to thrift hunt, go to library and my morning walk at the park.

determined that I could cross off all things in my to-do-list for the day. Feeling excited too for next week's consignment at a church where I usually consign kid's clothes and home goods. Tagging items is on my list today. Feeling happy too as I found out my friend and sister are both pregnant. God's timing really is great. Hope by God's will, my turn to will be soon as well. Can't wait!

Just a happy week ahead, and yours too!

Spread kindness, pass it on,,

How to Make | Bistek Tagalog

Friday, July 1, 2016

Welcome to my very first Filipino Food Friday! I've been thinking about making this a regular post. I have a great love with cooking and foods, Filipino foods particularly. So I thought I'd share my favorite Filipino food recipes, recipes that I aced making them.
How to make Bistek Tagalog

Today I'll show you how to make 'Bistek Tagalog', the Filipino version of beef steak, one of my favorites. It is basically thinly sliced marinated beef cooked somewhat adobo-style, with caramelized onions. Growing up, as a kid, I really can't tell what's the difference between Bistek Tagalog and Pork Adobo. They are both cooked with soy sauce. The only difference probably is the other one has onions... Well, they are totally different meal, but sure both are delicious!

Going on, you need a pound of beef sirloin thinly sliced, marinated in soy sauce, black pepper and lemon juice for at least 2 hours.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

Heat the cooking oil in a pan, I highly suggest cast iron (it cooks better) in medium heat, fry onion sliced in rings until soft. Set aside.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

In the same pan, fry the marinated beef until brown. Set aside.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

Fry minced garlic in the same pan as well.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak
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