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Friday, July 1, 2016

Welcome to my very first Filipino Food Friday! I've been thinking about making this a regular post. I have a great love with cooking and foods, Filipino foods particularly. So I thought I'd share my favorite Filipino food recipes, recipes that I aced making them.
How to make Bistek Tagalog

Today I'll show you how to make 'Bistek Tagalog', the Filipino version of beef steak, one of my favorites. It is basically thinly sliced marinated beef cooked somewhat adobo-style, with caramelized onions. Growing up, as a kid, I really can't tell what's the difference between Bistek Tagalog and Pork Adobo. They are both cooked with soy sauce. The only difference probably is the other one has onions... Well, they are totally different meal, but sure both are delicious!

Going on, you need a pound of beef sirloin thinly sliced, marinated in soy sauce, black pepper and lemon juice for at least 2 hours.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

Heat the cooking oil in a pan, I highly suggest cast iron (it cooks better) in medium heat, fry onion sliced in rings until soft. Set aside.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

In the same pan, fry the marinated beef until brown. Set aside.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

Fry minced garlic in the same pan as well.

Bistek Tagalog - Beefsteak

The Sunday Currently | 01

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Travel Quotes

Finally have that extra time to update my blog, so yeah, HI Y'ALL!!!! I gave up waiting for my toddler to go nap so I went ahead and got my laptop and thought use the extra time to catch up with blogosphere. It's 6:07pm, an hour before I start cramming on what to cook for dinner. Preparing dinner (way) ahead of time is something I haven't mastered just yet, so there. But not to brag, I cook very good half the time--ask my picky eaters :) So June is almost over, where time went?? Before we know it, we'd be singing Christmas songs again!

So this is my first "The Sunday Currently" post, inspired by a blogger-turned-TV-star Maine Mendoza. This would be an easier blog post to catch up with you all and also an easy way to get my feet errr hands back again on writing. 


discussion posts from "No Nuts Mom Group Support and Forum" Facebook group where I'm a member. This group has helped me big time with understanding and addressing my child's multiple food allergies, with peanut and shellfish being top culprits. Read a post about a mom with newly-diagnosed-child asking resources on where to start, and someone has recommended Food Allergies books--which I end up buying off eBay. Can't believe there's a LOT of things I still don't know about food allergies and anaphylaxis. So I decided to be more proactive, especially with my child about to go to preschool this Fall.

A/C busting off the vent and aquarium tank filtering water. No music, as I'm still hoping my kid would nap..

filling up my Passion Planner, (yes I have planner, the best one out there!) getting myself in a habit of updating it and sticking to daily plans. Brain gets foggy sometimes and always forget things, that's what planners are for.

lemon essential oil diffusing..

Jcrew shirt and my favorite blue athletic shorts.

....of when will I, together with husband and child to be able to visit my parents and family in Philippines. My parents haven't meet my daughter yet, and she'll be turning 5 this year. The last time I saw my family was 2009. I miss my friends too. I've been longing and praying for this to happen. It's been a long time :(

all Disney photo pass pictures. We went to Magic Kingdom for one day two weeks ago, and just finally paid to get the photopass the other day. Love them all. Very pleased, magic indeed! Best $59 spent!
Disney Princess - Cinderella
Meeting Cinderella for the first time

to tend to my garden and fix up the yard. I love gardening, it's very therapeutic for me. I would trade shopping with gardening in a heartbeat! I just can't find the time to them. I still have a long list of chores to cross off before I can even get to go outside. Also it's so challenging to do that while watching your child. It's like have a set of eyes behind your head. We have a big front yard and a long driveway, but we live next to a big ditch that connects to a river and we're surrounded by tall trees and woods in the back. Snakes, foxes, deers are not new..

some time for myself or need for someone to cook for me, you know have a break? (if there's such a thing)

Excited to watch Finding Dory this Tuesday! 13 years later, can you believe it's here??!

for a more productive week---meaning getting things done. I'm starting to get my time balanced between work, my daughter's activities, chores and social media. Hoping to continue that. *pats myself in the back*

So that's it. Time's up. Time to think of dinner..

Have a blessed week to all!

Love. love. love

No to resolutions, but goals

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello there!

So I'm back from a long hiatus from blogging. First of all Happy New Year! What a great 2015 it has been huh? Lots of ups and downs but sure does taught me a lot about myself and made me figured out what I want to do this year. I have been doing resolutions year after year, but like what most of you do, it gets forgotten by February. Long gone the motivation and drive. Resolutions are like promises, they are meant to be broken. BUT, I'll be making 2016 an exception. No resolutions, but goals.

My 2016 goals:

1. De-clutter every month. Have some system on organizing and keeping everything where they should be.   I can organize stuff, de-clutter home even every week, but the real struggle is to keep them like that. I envy moms who can keep up with all the things all the time, someone who can locate where things are at a snap--where's your husband's old working clothes? the screwdriver? your child's medical records? my own college diploma? the pink paper pins? the recipe your mother-in-law gave you? the cellphone bill from last June? I mean come on! Can you really keep up with all these??? If you do, I want to be you!! Feel free to leave your organization Pinterest boards links on the comments below. So this year, I will try my best to be an the "organized mom".

2.  Learn a new hobby. I'm thinking photography and knitting. I love taking pictures of food, landscape and of my daughter and her outfits. I have a good cellphone camera (I think), but let's take it up a notch. I want to learn how to do professional photography. Learn how those DLSR camera buttons work. So I can do top-notch photos of my daughter, and save me some money from going to have her pictures taken at a studio. Knitting. I have friends who are so into this. I don't know why I didn't bothered my mom to teach me how to do this when I was younger. I have friends who are knitting blankets, beanies and kid's clothes within one week's time. And they are Etsy good!

3. Save money. I'm a frugal person. I know how to stretch a dollar. But store sales are my weakness! I tend to get impulsive and buy unnecessary things because they were cheap! This is how I end up with a garage full of things ( lost track of what they were) that I probably don't need. So save money, for my daughter's school. I just started the 52 week money challenge I found off Pinterest, a weekly savings I can surely keep up. See I'm off to a good start.

4. Update this blog. Meet new online friends! I lost touch with my fellow blogger friends when I became a mom. You know how can motherhood gets so busy. Love to meet new friends on here, mom bloggers especially. I miss those Wordless Wednesdays, Linkys, forums and weekly chats. So follow me and I'll follow back! Tell me about your awesome mom bloggers group!

and lastly.. everyone's resolution of all....

Lose weight. Healthy living. Movie nights and popcorns sounds really great, but it's time to get my act together. I'm not getting any younger, grey hair is starting to pop in and my cholesterol levels is probably still on borderline. I don't want to be on maintenance medicines. I hate taking medicines period. So cheers to a healthy 2016, let this be the year of salads and kales!

You know changes doesn't happen overnight. First, it takes a desire to change, followed by inspiration and drive it with motivation! If I can only pin this post, so it's the first thing I see when I visit my site I will. Let me leave you with an inspiration.

from Pinterest

Get your goals people! Have a happy 2016!

KeySmart Review

Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you have the same problem as me, losing keys? Most of you probably has a chunky stack of keys that gets tangled up in their purses. I'm like that ALL the time! I sometimes changes purses and then forget those keys. Well I have good news for you! Happy to share that I happened to have tried this Keysmart and this answered my keys organization dilemma. This is a key organizer that the idea is similar to a swiss knife, only difference is it has keys in it! How neat is that?!

The assembly believe me is easy peasy. I'm not a technical person, and definitely NOT good in disassembling and assembling things (those are my husband's jobs). All you need is a screwdriver and the keys you want to put in your KeySmart, yes that's all. Check out the video below for instructions:

So these are my usual keys and more..

And this is the KeySmart kit, notice how slim it is next to a quarter. You would need the expansion pack if you have a lot of keys to use.

And after a few minutes of organizing, voila! Don't they look all beautifully organized together? I'm going to need another one, for the husband!

Smart eh?

Another thing I like about KeySmart is its array of accessories, customize your KeySmart from lanyards to USB, pocket clips, bottle opener and replacement plates, screws and expansion packs.

So glad to came across this genius product, get this KeySmart for only $19.98, check their website for further promos and discounts!

Disclaimer: I received this product in complimentary in exchange of my honest review. 

5 Ways to Make Money on Buying Groceries

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yes you read it right! Make money on spending money! 

I'm a stay-at-home-mom, couponing for 3 years. Saving money is one of my passions. I have saved my family a LOT of money from using coupons and hunting great deals. Little did I know, you can save more or even make money from buying groceries. All you need is to add these FREE apps to your smartphones. I have used (still using) and tested them, so yes they're all legit! I've been using this apps for at least a year, and I have been paid by all of them.

You only need 3 things:

  • Your smartphone: you need to download the applications (apps) needed for this to work. This should be available on both Androids and Apple phones.
  • Your time: depending on how you'll get used to the process, it would only take 2 minutes the most.
  • Your grocery receipt/s.

#1 Ibotta

Redeem rebates from new products or items that are already on your grocery lists with Ibotta. Lists of stores that participate with this program are under the "Grocery" category.

  1. Browse through the offers.
  2. Unlock the rebate amounts by completing some steps; it may consist of "Learn a Fact"-which will just give you more information or trivia about the product, or "Testify"-where it would just ask you random questions or something about the product, or "Share"-which would ask you to share the product via Twitter or Facebook, or simply just by watching a video.
  3. Buy the products at your grocery store. You can double check if you have the right product by tapping the square icon on top right corner to "Check Product" by scanning the barcode.
  4. Tap "Redeem", the check icon in the center. Verify purchases by scanning the barcodes of the products on your shopping list. Take a picture of your receipt from top to bottom.
And you're done! You get your money within 24 hours, in my experience it only takes minutes. This is my first favorite coupon app, as you can see, I have redeemed $210.00 already as of today, Sept 19, 2014. More info here.

Payout: $5.00
Payout method: Paypal, Gift cards for Starbucks, Regal Entertainment, iTunes.

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